Street Fighter 5 coming to Linux and SteamOS in spring

Linux users might have been feeling a little neglected after Warner Bros. abandoned the Batman: Arkham Knight port a fortnight ago. Capcom, however, is feeling a little braver, and has released a sliver of information on the promised SteamOS and Linux release of Street Fighter 5 after long silence on the matter despite the impending PC launch: ‘spring’.

The spring release will see any PC Street Fighter 5 owner gifted the new version free of charge and implement Steam controller compatibility too. Capcom are clearly determined to grow the Street Fighter community however possible—this latest announcement comes as Capcom is pushing its  introductory series on the street fighters themselves.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono apologises for SFV server issues


Street Fighter 5 has escaped from its cosy review environment and straight into the ignominy that accompanies the servers not working. Errors 21400, 10007 and 2100d have been making life miserable for many players who would like to play their new game online, to the degree that Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has issued an apology

Capcom is now reporting that the servers are back up, although users may experience intermittent disconnects. Note Ono’s use of “the most”, too: though server problems are the most frustrating problem, Street Fighter is being hammered with negative Steam reviews—54% negative, in fact. Though there’s the standard self-righteous internet rage in there, themes are emerging in the anger: the lack of DirectInput controller support; no ability to rebind keys; a perceived lightness of content.

Our own fighting game guru, Nathan, was less than impressed with Street Fighter 5’s roughness in our review-in-progress, but what have your experiences been? Can you get online? Do its features meet your needs?